Craftsman quality, craftsman honesty.


Building character, craft and community with every relationship.


Fuguet Building Company was founded on the values of self improvement, cooperation and collaboration. These tenets direct every action by every employee at every site. We believe that a healthy perspective on self and self improvement leads to a healthy perspective on life and the improvements we should make to it. Following this method helps us achieve a collaborative vantage of what each individual desires.



Fuguet building is a dynamic and multi-faceted enterprise offering full service kitchen, bath, bed, and basement remodeling, new additions and decks. Individual services include but are not limited to plumbing, circuitry, drywall, framing, painting, power washing, hardwood flooring (new installation and refinish), tiling and masonry, interior and exterior finish work, hardscaping and landscaping.

Fuguet Building Co.

1218 East King's Highway

Caln, Pennsylvania, 19320


Jack Fuguet, Owner/Operator

(484) 667 - 9363

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